Providers: Ensuring project completion

There are a few (common sense) things to keep in mind when working on a Firecite project to ensure project completion:

  1. Deadlines. If you and an attorney agree to a deadline, that deadline must be kept unless you receive approval from the attorney to extend. If a deadline is missed without communication and acceptance, the project could be cancelled.
  2. Communication. It is of course important to keep in touch with your client and to provide consistent updates. If you fail to communicate promptly or consistently with your attorney, the project could be cancelled.
  3. Requesting Payment. It is important to communicate with your client before requesting payment to make sure there is nothing further required on your end. You get one shot to request payment and if the job isn’t done, the attorney has no choice but to reject the request. Make sure before requesting!
  4. Receiving Payment. It is against terms to request payment offsite. Doing so will result in your account being cancelled. If an attorney suggests payment outside the Firecite platform, simply send a support request to

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